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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Voilart

Cristina Turu:  Humpty Dumpty, Music Toys, Decorative Mobiles.

Cristina Turu: An artist born in Barcelona. From more than 10 years, my pieces have been made with recycling. In Circus collection she uses cardboard, plastics, paper, and wood. Her pieces respects the environment that’s what makes each one unique. She also wanted to introduce movement and music to my pieces, so it have now a bit of ludic and sometimes funny topics. Humpty Dumpty, Music Toys, Decorative Mobiles.

Voilart I01 Joggler Clown Paper Mache. 40x24x15cm.

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Voilart I04 Humpty Dumpty Strongman 2 balls Paper Mache. 25x25x15 cm.

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Voilart I08 Paper Mache Music Toy Ballet Dancer. 29x8x6cm.

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