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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Margarita González

Painting. The language of the street; personality through clothing. The red color for its freshness and movement.

“Street Style” talks about the people of the street, parallel or independently of the fashion shows, people that play, mix and create their own visual definition. Margarita Gonzalez works for “Street Style” with industrial gray cardboard and acrylic, to reflect both the color and texture of the city. Red life color is integrated into the characters and shows through them.

Margarita Gonzalez is a graduate of Applied Arts and Crafts School of Arts and Crafts in Oviedo (Asturias-Spain) in 1978. Artistic drawing with Magin Berenguer. Composition and color with Bernardo Sanjurjo. Sculpture with Ricardo Alba. Projects and decoration with Guillermo Zarracina. Oil Painting (1995) Estudio Taller Margon (Gijon). She has done solo and group exhibitions in Spain and internationally. She conducts Art Therapy workshops for adults and children to enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence through creativity.

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