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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Romina Rizzo.

Collage and oil painting.

Her paintings always follow the same thread, she creates images that cause a reaction in the viewer, where emotional memory plays a fundamental role in perception.

Born in Venezuela, but with Italian roots, she lives in Roses, Girona. Self-taught, she studies painting now. Her main motivation for painting is her passion for art, which for her means emotion, just what she wants to convey with her work.

Romina Rizzo Green Collage. Collage and oil painting, mixed technique. 39cm.x57cm.

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Romina Rizzo Ovalado. Collage and oil painting, mixed technique. 32cm.x22cm.

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Original painting by Romina Rizzo "Zapato de Mujer" Oil on wood. 55x35cm. This work is part of the Solidarity Colective Exhibition "Upcycling Shoes" December 2018.

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