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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Silvia de Leonardis

Handmade jewelery, handbags and accessories with recycled material.

Handicraft is a part of her life, and art recycling since 2004. She arrived in Spain in 1973 from Uruguay where she studied at the School of Fine Arts in Montevideo, she does not resist recycling everything that comes to her hands, although her specialty are costume jewelry and fashion accessories.

She was invited to the Medence Csupport international meeting in Budapest 2011. She imparted workshops and lessons on costume jewelry, recycling and handicrafts. She has participated in several exhibitions in Spain and abroad, in addition to festivals of the association Drap Art at the CCCB in Barcelona.

Recycling is another way of living, another way of expressing common sense in a society that needs it. To get a single person approach to recycling as an expression, is already an achievement for those of us, the artists and recyclers, we dedicate ourselves entirely to caring for this planet enriching it with works that are part of our creativity and a unique space of time of our lives.

Handmade Black Leather and recycled material Tie. Long 50cm.

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