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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Felicitas Franceschi

Papers, wood, pigments and the final result of a creation made with lots of joy

(1955). Self-taught artist, attends to painting and sculpture classes as a listener at Escola Massana de Barcelona, at Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, at Centre Artístic de Sant Lluc de Barcelona, etc.

She develops part of her experience with paper mache. Nowadays, her pieces are handmade, without mold, leisurely made. She collaborates with artAmore Sitges since the opening, and you can usually see her works in the gallery. Clay, papers, wood, pigments and lots of joy.

Little Prince box. Handcrafted pottery, acrylic handpainted. Franchesca wooden box. 11x7x5cm.

Made by hand, there may be a little variation, since not two are the same.