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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Arte Huichol

These pieces have been made by Huicholes or Wixárikas artists, an ethnic group that lives in the isolated Sierra de Jalisco, in Mexico.

Wixárikas tradition and culture go back since pre-Columbian period. Their knowledge has been transmitted orally during rituals and peregrinations where they visit sacred places. For the Huicholes, all nature is sacred and their relationship with it is very intimate. All of its elements represent their ancestors and gods. Peregrinations are a central part of their culture. They travel long distances to visit and receive knowledge from their gods. They communicate with them thru dreams and visions that translate in their art thru symbolism. In this sense all of the Huichol art is sacred and represents their traditions, beliefs, and have a deep shamanic meaning. When you buy one of these pieces you are supporting the Wixárikas community and the preservation of their culture.

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