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List of products by Artists and Craftsmen Made in Bayu

Bayu was 23 when she began recycling objects. She studied art at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda" in Mexico. Since she was a student she was interested in working with recycled materials.

In her current design she uses inner tube that she finds in vulcanizing shops. With it she makes bags, accessories, clothes and rugs. With the tires she makes mirror frames.

Bayu Recycled Rubber Feather Earrings. Made by Bayu. Handmade. Upcycling.

Bayu Recycled Rubber Feather Necklace. Made by Bayu. Handmade. Upcycling.

Recycled Rubber and Agate handmade handbag made by Bayu. Handmade. Upcycling. 17x30 cm.

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Recycled Rubber handmade handbag made by Bayu. Handmade. Upcycling. 17x30 cm.

Last items in stock