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Handmade jewelery with precious and semiprecious stones

Handmade jewelery with precious and semiprecious stones. Unique pieces, that more than jewels are amulets that help you with their properties and virtues.

Artisan bracelet made with Chrysoprase and Copper by Art Galaxy Studio. Unique pieces.

Chrysoprase is one of the most prized varieties of quartz, due to its color and its scarcity. It is an energetic stone with great healing properties. It brings us serenity, joy and peace of mind. It also brings success and abundance to new ventures and relationships.

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Artisan necklace "Bat". Made in silver, copper and sapphire, by Art Galaxy. Unique pieces. More than a necklace is an amulet. Bats are considered symbols of luck and sapphire, one of the four most important gemstones.

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