Customized Barbie Gay Pride

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Barbie Gay Pride. Personalized Barbie. Customized by Pedro Muñoz. Recycled and personalized collectible barbies. It's a  work as eclectic as daring.

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Born in Barcelona, his love for the world "Barbie" was born in the 90s. It all started as a joke between friends, giving them away many Barbies, to the point of gathering so many who did not know what to do with them. So one day he decided to keep them all and expose them in his hairdresser as kitsch decoration. However, one morning a client's daughter took one of them bloke it and turned it to pieces. With the small body of that shattered Barbie he created his first artistic work.

That was the spark that ignited his wit and fantasy and inspired him to customize Barbies. Each one represents a moment of his life, something that has inspired him and led him to create an eclectic and daring work.

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