Artsimans I09 Recycled leather wallet

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Artsimans I09 Recycled leather wallet, hand-stitched. Elastic rubber closure. Measures 9, cm x 7cm. Beige.

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ARTSIMANS – Sílvia Bofarull Boschsacoma

Born in Terrassa in1967. Self-educated on her journey down the path of life. Her hands are her prime tools of expression. With an experimental trajectory, she enters through the makeup in the world of volumes and colors, jumping towards Nature where she finds the forms and the recycling, followed by a world of structural lace that takes her on the way of the handicrafts. She experiments with a variety of materials.

For no particular reason, she became interested in dumped or abandoned waste, creating unique pieces of art for no other purpose other than personal gratification and the learning process that followed. Nature is a vast ocean of discoveries, she was drawn to different materials because of their unique shapes and patinas that were formed over time due to climate conditions or the forgotten life stories that are buried and forgotten in nature. Every movement is followed by another, a conscious or unconscious transformation. Every act brings a resolution or growth of some kind.

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