Handmade Original Leather Carnival Mask Maleficent

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“MASKARAS” give shape to leather in an artisanal way. With their masks you can play, you can imagine, you can dream, you can be who you want to be.

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The team’s creator is Sebastián Vecchio, his connection with crafts begins in 1987 in Argentina. His parents decide to turn their lives around and immerse themselves in the world of craftsmanship, this became his first contact with the techniques to model leather. In an instinctive and familiar way, he learned to take craftsmanship as his way of expression and personal development. His profile is reinforced in the university period, when he decides to study Design in Visual Communication.

He travels to Barcelona in 2003, where he begins his consolidation phase, being part of the artisans of the “Palau del Mar”. Since 2008 he works as a professional craftsman with accreditation card granted by Artesanía de Catalunya (Barcelona-Spain).

With dedication and effort the project grows and is currently made up of a group of people who create “MASKARAS”. Its specialty is the production of leather masks and its purpose is to produce an original product of good quality.

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