Eva Ronnevig Ceramic Vase Fleury jaune

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Eva Ronnevig Handmade Ceramic Vase Fleury jaune 16 x 11 cm.

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Eva was born in 1975 in Oslo, where she learned different creative skills at a drawing school, “Forsoks-gymnaset” and “Nordic Black Theatre School”.

She was living in a cultural squat called “Volapuk”, where she got to know many inspiring international artists, including her future husband Marco Grieser. She joined him in Nairobi (Kenya) in the year 2000, where they organized the artistic project “BIKE ART AFRICA” together. After their return they opened “Galerie Lebenskunst (Munich), together with Marco’s brother Roland.

In 2002 Eva and Marco were walking with a mule in the Andes (Ecuador) for a few months, always with sketchbooks and musical instruments in their bags. Eva joined a pottery-course in a small mountain village, where the women taught her ancient ways of making pots. This experience inspired her to take a degree in studio pottery at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall (GB). There they lived in a houseboat on the river whilst she was studying.

The couple is now based in the South of France with their two sons, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, near Perpignan. In July 2008 they opened Atelier ArtBonBon.

Eva is now making pots with shapes heavily influenced by their adventurous visits to South America and Africa.
Her travels have enabled her to compare lifestyles in different parts of the world, and many stories have developed that she now decorates on to the pots in form of comic strips, impersonated by Brian, or in the shape of open-minded vases.

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