AAmarita Bracelet I01 Copper Handmade

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AAmarita Bracelet I01 Copper Handmade. Diameter 5cm. 

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Anna Amarita. Glass artisan, makes jewelry and decorative objects from recycled material.

She started working with glass by accident and fell in love. Since then, she has more than 12 years creating crafts. Artisan glass, she participates in fairs and performs custom: restorations, trophies, stained glass and any kind of works that can be made with glass.

Her jewelry is made from recycled, such as aluminum, copper, nylon and Teflon materials but also she works with silver. Yes, she always accompanied her jewelry with a piece of glass.

She makes lamps with recycled bottles and boxes of wine. Cups with vegetable cans and bottles of wine. Also candlesticks, ashtrays, watches and all kind of gift items in which, she reuses materials.

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