Silver Handmade Earrings Catalonia By Sela Joies

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Catalonia Collection. Handmade earrings made of silver of 1st law. Length: 2cm., Length of the fall: 3.2cm, width: 1.5 cm. Limited edition jewelry.

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Gisel•la Legua, is a jewelry artisan born in Mallorca. She studied in Escola Massana and in Escola d'Art La Industrial de Barcelona. She creates identity jewels, understanding jewelry as an expressive and liberating tool, both in personal introspection and in the perception of the social environment. Jewels and sculptures that strip the soul and make a link between the creator and the observer.

She works with silver 1st law using artisan techniques such as draft, soldier, wax modeling, etc.

For Gisel•la jewelry is the union of the passion and the romanticism of creating pieces by hand, respecting the necessary processing time in each case.

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