Puntaire Bracelet IE02 Bobbin Lace Crafts

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Puntaire Bracelet IE02 Bobbin Lace Crafts. Bracelet made with the crafts bobbin lace technique. Handmade. 17cm.x3cm.

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La Escola de Puntaires del Arboç a sample of the craft of bobbin and its various techniques.

The singular lace made in Arboç has been declared official Crafts of Catalonia by Artesania de Catalunya. Since 1588 we can find documents in Catalonia regarding bobbin lace and still, nowadays, it’s maintained and one of the most representative crafts or our land.

Maria Raya, an expert teacher of the School of l'Arboç, has modernized the use of the technique to apply it in costume jewelery. Earrings, pendants and bracelets, made with the bobbin technique.

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