Sindrome Diogenes Necklace I16 Time

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Sindrome Diogenes Necklace I16 Time. Brass pendant made with recycled watch parts. Diameter 3cm. Length: 25cm.

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Síndrome de Diógenes upcycled trash turn it into jewelry.

Síndrome de Diógenes intends to satirize the accumulation of residues from nowadays. Upcycled trash to give them a second chance and turn them into jewelry. The name of the brand, created by Neus Castell, was born from the sense of the disease and not because of the pathology name. It all started with the purpose of giving useless items a new value with the design of jewelry. But since two years ago, Neus is focused on Upcycled, a recycling process that goes beyond, and converts waste materials or products that are no longer useful in unique designs. Diogenes Syndrome offers jewelry made with keys, locks, flip chip and so on. Its flagship is: "pieces made using a clockwork".

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