Mixed Technique Sculpture Sardana By A La Calle

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Mixed Technique Sculpture Sardana (typical Catalan dance) by A La Calle. Internal structure of wire modeled and lined with soft paper pieces as a base. Strips of paper to reach the desired volume such as newspaper, magazines, phone books, etc. Finish a layer of varnish. Materials: wire, recycled paper, glue, and water varnish. 18xm x18cm diameter.

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Small handmade sculptures made with wire, recycled paper, glue, and water varnish.

Once upon a time there was an Argentine artisan and a Catalan designer who fell in love at the Swiss Trapeze School and built a family, their first creative project. Since then they continue to challenge the balance with their feet on the ground and their head in the sky, assuming each challenge with enthusiasm and experimenting with different languages and techniques, defining their way of making and understanding the design.

Their social and environmental concerns and commitment make them look for answers and give solutions to real problems. They like to turn things around and find new uses for objects, as they are convinced that small gestures can mean big changes.

And the story continues...


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