Mano Coll Handbag I01 Beige Leather

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Mano Coll Handbag I01 Beige Leather. Handbag, bag type, handmade. Cow skin, beige color. Closure with magnet. Measures 40x40cm. Artisanal Hand sewn.

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Mano Coll Handcrafted Leather Handbags.

After 40 years designing and creating handbags, purses, belts and accessories in leather, fabric and different materials, Rosario (mother) and Lorena (daughter), decide to join and work together. Two different generations exchanging ideas, fashion, designs and colors. From the first inspiration, through the design, cutting, realization and finishing, they create, using the necessary time and the indispensable affection, original pieces in different colors and textures and totally hand made. MANO COLL: IS THE DEDICATION AND THE LOVE THAT THINGS NEED IN ORDER TO BECOME UNIQUE.


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