Reciclaje Sostenible Soda Cans Handbag

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Handbag made by Reciclaje Sostenible with soda cans, handmade, with chain. 22cm x 14cm.

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Marga and Aurora, two partners and friends, passionate about recycling. Marga comes from the world of photography and Aurora worked as interior designer. One day they decided to combine their creative ideas, passion for recycling.

They began their career recycling newspapers and its infinite possibilities, focusing mainly on paper baskets. Later they started making lamps and then they started to investigate with any other type of material that fell into their hands. Straw and recycled paper lamps, plugs, thread and rings. Jewelry, key chains, bags and wallets with rings and cans. They is no material they can’t work with, their imagination is infinite. They always look for new ideas and projects that motivate them to continue recycling.


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