Neus Art Bolso I03 Shoulder Bag Black Illustration Bike

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Neus Art handbag I03. Shoulder bag, adjustable, black. Original illustration of Neus Artworks Bike.31cm x 21cm

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NEUS ARTWORKS: Neus Gómez Asensio, she is an illustrator and painter born in Barcelona. She studied illustration at the Llotja in Barcelona, and turned her passion into her profession. Hers style is colorful, unconcerned, without much pretense. It is inspired by the everyday life: a girl having a coffee, her cousin’s dog, some food from a restaurant she likes, movies, fashion, a cat that walks, etc. “From a very young age my passion was to draw and I always remember myself with a pencil in my hand.”

She is an artisan that works with diferent kind of objects, applying her art work to give an original, creative and funny touch. Recycling objects are used to create jewelry, books, bags, etc.


Paper Mache




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