ECurti Demonic Rocket Car Upcycling

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ECurti ECurti Demonic Rocket Car Upcycling. Sculpture made by Esteban Curti with recycled materials and wood. Artistic Recycling. 63x12x9 cm 1Kg

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Independent jeweler he creates unique, personal and innovative jewel pieces and sculptures with recycled material. Rosario (Argentina) 1978. He lived in Buenos Aires until 2013, since then he has established his residence between Barcelona and Buenos Aires. He studied Industrial Design at Buenos Aires University and postponed the degree to study jewelry at the Sindicato Unificado Argentino De Joyería Relojería y Afines, S.U.R.J.A. Since 2003 he works as an independent jeweler, creating unique, personal and innovative pieces. He also began his work in sculpture, specializing himself in the use of recycled materials to create toys, vanes or decorative figures.


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