Eugenia Morago Moonbot Painting

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Robot Moonbot. Original oil on canvas painting by Eugenia Morago. 61X50cm

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Eugenia Morago (Madrid, 1984)

With the “Robots” collection, Eugenia has managed to capture nostalgic and retro pieces in her work with a futuristic point, giving them a touch of tenderness and a certain sadness. Mostly, oil paintings on canvas, which, thanks to their technical variety, make robots far from flat, they seem to want to leave the canvas and run into the arms of their creator.

This young painter who seems to feel comfortable working with different techniques, especially using oil, although she remains true to the beauty of the pencil on paper. Now, he presents his new exhibition ‘ROBOTS’, in which we find a careful selection of pieces made to oil (most of them), there is also some drawing.

Nostalgic and retro pieces with a futuristic point, with a touch of tenderness and a certain sadness, that reminds those tin and metal toys that so many hours of enjoyment and joy brought to the youngsters, until in the 50s Its manufacture is prohibited by application of the international regulations, thus beginning to use plastic as an alternative. Those toys that have now become collecting pieces.


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