Alexandra Soury Handmade cold porcelain jointed dollAnnabella

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Handmade cold porcelain jointed doll made by Alexandra Soury, called Annabella Criolla girl. Final details made with paper mache and plastic elements combined with recycled material. Size: 26x13cm.

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Alexandra Soury is a French artist, sculptor, creator of art dolls. Self-taught, she learned and perfected her artistic technique through various tutorials on the Internet, in specialized books and with the support of artist friends.

She is constantly trying to improve her artistic techniques to create new sculptures that will transport you to an imaginary and unique world. Only a few art dolls a year. The dolls are three-dimensional, some are articulated to head, arms and legs. Their size varies from 25 cm to 70 cm. She uses Japanese clay, fine and very light, drying in the air, quality acrylic paint, different fabrics such as velvet, silk, old lace and buttons found on various  French flea markets. No piece is prefabricated, the clothes are handmade for each doll and these are made in one and only copy as any collectible item.


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