Socllum Upcycling Design Lamp Mar

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Upcycling design lamp "Mar" by Esteve, Socllum Barcelona. Piece of driftwood, a recycled skimmer, a restored old flowerpot, a recycled and restored wooden base, decorated with rice paper with images of hydraulic tiles, black / white wire of a plate with torpedo switch. 29x14x50 cm.

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Artistic-craft creation of Upcycling lamps.

Unique and exclusive lamps with name and date of manufacture. Each component has its own history, and when they merge, a lamp is born with a multitude of stories behind, with a bold design and charm never seen before. Lamps are created to illuminate your space in a positive, warm and pleasant way. Esteve gives new life to objects, and that feeling is in the essence of each lamp he has created

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