Artisan necklace Key made of copper and lapis lazuli gemstone

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Handmade artisan necklace. Made in copper and lapis lazuli gemstone, by Art Galaxy Stdio. Unique pieces. More than a necklace is an amulet. The key opens the door of opportunities and lapis lazuli is a healing and soothing stone.

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Lapis lazuli is a healing and soothing stone. Just touching the body improves the physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional condition. It is a spiritual stone, which reflects peaceful vibrations. Stimulates the spirituality and kindness of the person who carries it. It is used in rituals to attract spiritual love. It is considered a powerful amulet of fidelity and is used to strengthen bonds between lovers. Meditating with her daily helps us to increase psychic awareness, stimulating superior mental qualities and encourages us to face the truth whatever it may be. The keys open the door of good opportunities, good luck, and close it to negative energies.

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