Octavi Intente Dibum Cremallera

Cremallera. Original acrylic painting "Dibum" on hand cut wood work, by Catalan artist Octavi Intente. Measures:  200 cm x 70 cm.


Octavi Intente has tried to reverse the equation that usually occurs in an exhibition hall. "Normally, the painting invites us to enter into a new, imaginary world. Here I wanted the characters to 'get out' of the painting and enter into our reality. "

Octavi Intente is an outstanding painter from Terrasa (Catalunya) artist, that after his first stage as a book illustrator, has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in important places such as Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Sevilla, France, USA, etc.

He studied sculpture at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona. His works are exposed at museums and foundations, but the most remarkable location is at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

The work of Octavi Intente inevitably brings a smile to our lips and an inner nod of the head – it seduces and amazes us by bringing us face to face with something that never occurred to us, and now, suddenly, it appears, obvious and unquestionable.


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