Lion Christmas Hanging Ball By Kaya Art

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Amazing handmade hanging balls to decorate your Christmas tree or toys for your home. Made of paper mache and painted with acrylic. Unique piece made by Kaya Art. diameter 6cm.

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KAYA ART: Ekaterina Petukhova is a self-taught artist who makes sculptures of cold porcelain, paper Mache and plastic elements combined with recycled material.

Her dolls are unique pieces that have character, its own history and convey positive emotions. In them we can find the sense of humor of Kaya shown.

Although self-taught, her mother is the source of her initial inspiration and her main teacher, as she worked for many years as set designer in the theater at Volgodonsk. Kaya makes unique dolls since 1999 and has had numerous exhibitions in Russia and in different parts of Europe.

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