Dr Zenon Robot Zoltar Upcycling

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Dr Zenon Robot Zoltar Upcycling. 62x20x14cm. 3kg. Dr Zenon Robots are assembled with objects found in all corner of the galaxy.

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Inspired especially in science fiction of the 50's and the craziest B series. Without resorting to any sketch or preliminary design, each robot takes shape from the materials that appear, keeping the original appearance and qualities of each object. Once created, its name appears alone, inspired by the materials used, a story or a character in homage to cinema or literature, which makes each robot a unique and personalized piece.

Dr. Zenon project was founded in 2013 in Tenerife. They have exhibited their creations in famous landmarks such as the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) and the Fine Arts of Tenerife, as well as the newly created gallery La Musa de Adeje in southern Tenerife. They have also participated in art recycling fairs like Drap-Art in Barcelona and Nomad Market in Madrid.

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