Alfredo Zarazaga Recycling Art Sculpture Chair 3

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Alfredo Zarazaga Recycling Art Sculpture Chair 3. Made with reycled iron. Size: 20cmx12cmx11cm.

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(Chipiona 1974). Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Seville, specializing in design and engraving (1996-2001).

Since childhood he alternated his studies with his father's carpentry where he learned the use of tools and especially the affinity for wood. This affinity leads him instinctively to also use iron and various other materials in his sculptures. He always made his sculptures from recycled material.

"The idea of creating with what I do find, stimulates me. I love to accumulate material used, to make sculptures as a metaphor of the social moment we are living in. From the "useless", from the "pulled" from the "discarded", without any previous sketch.  I find unique and suggestive ideas, sometimes with a clear message and sometimes with a message that has to be discovered. "

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