Eduard Palaus Mayordomo Sculpture Upcycling

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Eduard Palaus Mayordomo Sculpture Upcycling. 44x20x30cm. 

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Eduard Palaus Benet (Barcelona 1969) - Upcycling Sculpture.

He started his career by restoring furniture. Thereafter, he started decorating shops with recycled elements, transforming things and he has always used recycling. He participated in the second edition of Drap Art Barcelona exhibition with recycled furniture, although he has subsequently participated in other editions of Drap Art with other works. Since 2005 he did not start making sculptures with all those things that he was accumulating. He works with wood, iron and stone, with anything he founds, this is how every piece is born. He has been influenced by the Kachinas, the comic and the African art ... The results are usually characters with a strong personality.

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