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Summer Trip, de Jana Álvarez. Técnica Mixta, Collage-Pintura, Reciclaje Artístico. Marco incluido. 20cm. x 25cm.

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Jana Álvarez. Designer and multidisciplinary artist "4x4", she easily traverses through the worlds painting, fashion, illustration, assemblage, artistic recycling, etc., crossing the boundaries between disciplines.

(Cantabria, Spain 1966) Jana is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, based in Barcelona. She has extensive professional experience as a freelance illustrator and designer and she has worked for brands like Purificació Garcia, Antonio Miró, Custo Barcelona, Murdoch Editorial, Bassat & Ogilvy, Tv3, Jocs Olímpics Barcelona 92, Boca Films productora, Zeppelin, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Médicos sin Fronteras, among others. She also works on request, for individuals.

She is contributor and participant of the International Recycling Festival of Catalonia since its inception and she has conducted national and international exhibitions, both individual and collective in: Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Sitges, Menorca, Bilbao, Torrelavega, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Beijing / Beijin, Japan, Pittsburgh, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, etc.

She claims "manual power" in the face of technology. A constant in her work is the reflection on the ephemeral and the absurdity of our society, also the human being, as a devastating, indifferent and ethically dual element. For this purpose, she uses the female figure as a metaphorical archetype of the "universal individual" and as an atavistic representation of the creative and destructive force, composing her mestizo mythologies. All of it wrapped up and disguised as a pop and colorful aesthetic, apparently superficial and sometimes ironic, in order to contrast "form and essence" trying to awaken awareness.


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